Mortgage Calculator

Looking to better understand what your potential home loan payments will be? Use this mortgage calculator to begin the process, while having confidence that StreicherTeam is just a phone call away to assist you along the way.

Annual Mortgage Review

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Receive a Complimentary Annual Mortgage Review (AMR)

Over time, your financial and life situation will change. Therefore, having a mortgage checkup is a great way to ensure that your mortgage still aligns with your current goals, even if you didn’t get you original loan with StreicherTeam.

What to expect with an Annual Mortgage Review (AMR

  • StreicherTeam will review your current home loan to ensure that it still meets your specific needs in the current market conditions
  •  Together we will evaluate both your short and long term goals for home ownership and lifestyle to maximize the equity that you have been building
  •  We will discuss your comprehensive financial goals and align you with our preferred partners, if needed, to assist you with Financial Planning and Tax Preparation if you desire.
Loan Document Checklist

To help us better serve you, please be ready to provide the following documentation. You may be asked for additional items during the process and some of these items we may be able to avoid with digital verification.

  • Bank Statements

    Showing Most recent two-months history

  • Brokerage Statements

    Showing most recent two-month history

  • Retirement Statements

    Showing most recent two-month history

  • Employment Pay Stubs

     From the last 30 days of all jobs held by each applicant

  • W-2 Forms

    From the most recent two years for each wage-earner applicant

  • Personal Federal Income Tax Returns

    From the most recent two years, with all schedules, statements, and addenda (completed and signed)

  • Most Recent Mortgage Statement

    For any other properties owned by the applicant

  • Copy of Valid Driver’s License for Each Applicant

  • Homeowners Insurance Agent’s Contact Information

Mortgage Do’s and Don’ts

Getting a mortgage can be an overwhelming process, but knowing the right steps to take while getting a loan can help you avoid some common problems and make the homebuying process much easier. The best advice is to live your life “normal” and don’t do anything major without consulting a lender first. Anything that will impact your credit or finances should be addressed before it happens. Here are some do’s and don'ts to help you start a smooth home loan journey:

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The “do’s.”
  • do take you time when completing the online loan application
  •  do complete all sections of the application
  •  do let us know if you anticipate any major changes before closing
  •  do remove (or lift) any freezes from your credit report prior to submitting your loan application
The “don’ts.”
  •  don’t open any new credit lines of credit
  •  don’t buy anything major
  •  don’t make any “random” deposits to your bank accounts
  •  don’t borrow money
  •  don’t transfer money around or close bank accounts
  •  don’t quit, retire, or give notice to your employer
  •  don’t get a new job or take a new position
  •  don’t change pay structure
  •  don’t get behind on bills
  •  don’t consolidate debt
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Glossary of Terms (Common Mortgage Terms)